Truffle is a pedigree French Bulldog pied puppy.

Truffle has an absolutely gorgeous personality and is very photogenic. She gets on with absolutely everyone and everything. She absolutely loves company, cuddles, sunshine, road trips, playing with dogs of all shapes, loves children and is extremely food orientated - which is great when working on set! 

Truffle has been going to puppy class since 11 weeks old and has moved up to train with adult dogs. She had her first photoshoot last week and she took direction very well. Truffle was also recently worked alongside a huge Hollywood actor for a feature film coming out in 2019! The shoot went exceptionally!

Truffle can perform ‘Sit, Wait, Lay down, Head Down, High Five, Paw, Kiss, Turn Left, Turn Right, Roll over, Finish and Spin'  and most of these can be performed at a distance.